Posted by: hilsrecipeoftheweek | August 12, 2009

Jo Pratt’s Pimms & Strawberry Ripple Creams

Light, fruity and boozy, these taste as good as they look.

Serves 4
3tbsp caster sugar
50ml Pimm’s
Grated zest of 1 large orange
275ml double cream
225-250g strawberries, sliced
175-200ml strawberry sauce, bought or homemade (see tip)
3 individual meringues, bought or homemade, crushed into small chunks
6 sprigs of mint (optional)

In a large bowl, stir the caster sugar into the Pimm’s until it starts to dissolve. Add the orange zest and double cream, and whisk manually or with an electric hand whisk (which is far easier and quicker) until it is thick enough to just hold its shape.
Take four glass dishes – sundae or wine glasses – and randomly layer up the strawberries, Pimm’s cream, strawberry sauce and crumbled meringue to create a ripple effect. Finish by garnishing with a sprig of mint, if using.
Keep in the fridge until needed or serve straight away.
TOP TIP To make your own strawberry sauce, blend 200g strawberries with about 50g caster or icing sugar until you have a smooth purée.

Hil’s Comment:
14.6.09 Lovely light and easy pud, I did it for an impromptu summer barbecue and it was delicious. If you don’t have Pimms, it would also be nice with the juice of the orange instead.


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