Posted by: hilsrecipeoftheweek | September 9, 2010

Spinach, tomato & chick pea curry

Quick and tasty vegetarian low fat supper

(Waitrose Recipe,_tomato_and_chick_pea_curry.aspx)

Serves: 4 


1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 small onion, finely chopped
2cm piece fresh root ginger, peeled and chopped
1 tbsp Bart Veeraswamy Medium Moglai Curry Paste
400g can Waitrose Organic chopped tomatoes
410g can Waitrose Organic chick peas
250g bag essential Waitrose Spinach, roughly shredded
4 tbsp natural yogurt
4 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
(Cooked diced butternut squash, if desired)


  1. Heat the oil in a medium saucepan and cook the garlic, onion and ginger together for 5 minutes until softened and golden. Stir in the curry paste and cook for a minute, then add the tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes to make a thick sauce, stirring occasionally.
  2. Stir in the chick peas with their liquid and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes, then season and stir in the shredded spinach. Cook gently together for a couple of minutes until the spinach is just cooked. Check seasoning and serve with a spoonful of yogurt, then scatter with chopped coriander. Serve with warm naan bread.

Cook’s tips:   You can follow step 1, then freeze the tomato sauce for future use. Just thaw and continue as above.

Hil’s comment: Truly delicious and filling, and so quick and easy. Perfect for a hearty yet healthy autumn supper. I added some cooked diced butternut squash (left over from Sunday lunch) at the same time as the spinach, which worked very well and made the curry a bit more robust.  Any curry paste would be fine;  I used a mix of garam masala and rogan josh. Taste it before the end and add more curry paste if necesssary.  I didn’t add all the chick pea liquid as it would have been too sloppy – maybe my Waitrose Essential tinned tomatoes had a little more juice than the organic version used by Waitrose. The dish is slightly low on protein although the chick peas do contain some protein. For a totally balanced one dish meal, next time I will add a little diced tofu or sliced chorizo or sausage.


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